The BIG Moving Sale

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We've had a busy day marking prices down, putting lots of "Red Tags" on items throughout our store, highlighting products that are selling for less than our cost. That's right, we're basically paying you to take things home with you.

Here are a couple of highlights. First off, everything in the store, except our 2017 bikes, are reduced by at least 10%, and we mean everything. Things that normally never go on sale, are on sale.

In our clothing and shoe section we have a buy one item offer, and you save 25%. Buy two items, save 35%. Buy three items, and you get a whopping 45% off. All shoes, all jackets, all jerseys, all Smartwool products, all winter tights, listen everything except Assos branded shorts, and previously reduced 'Red Tag' items qualify for this promo.

Trainers, computers, Stages power meters, GPS units, Profile tri bars and hydration units, tires, select car racks, wheels, tools, are all priced for quick clearance.

We're getting ready for our merger with Giant Halifax on September 1, and that date is quickly coming at us. We hope you'll drop by and scoop up some amazing deals.

The Bikes Plus BIG Moving Sale begins tomorrow. Remember, the early bird gets the worm!

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