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As the one and only owner, operator, and sometimes head janitor, accountant, etc, etc, of Bicycles Plus, I want to sincerely thank all of you, our valued customers who have supported Bicycles Plus, over the last two and a half decades.

Throughout the years my staff and I have worked long, hard hours trying to grow the shop into something we could all be proud of. I think we achieved all of that, and much, much, more. We became a well respected permanent fixture in Bedford for over 24 years, and in the business world, that is a long time. 

Even though many of you may see me as an old man, I still feel young at heart, and seventeen months ago I had another one of my dreams come true as I opened our new shop in Halifax, Giant Bicycle Halifax. It was a tough start, but things have come together nicely, and with the two shops becoming one September 1, I'm looking forward to getting some free time, simplifying life, and becoming more involved with our cycling community. 

Once again, thanks to all of our customers, past present, and future. My staff and I welcome all of you to visit us in Halifax, and we hope to assist you with all your cycling needs for many years to come.

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